Celtis reticulata at Bute Park

Celtis reticulata 0

Celtis reticulata
late August 2022

Grid reference ST 17697 76874
Common name Western hackberry
Origin South west USA
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2023
Tag 2224
Missing old tag 515
Height 10M August 2022
Girth 109cm @ 0.8M August 2022
Reference 838

This tree in towards the north of Old Man's Wood east, and 60M east of the Summerhouse Cafe.

Celtis reticulata bark1

Celtis reticulata bark
late August 2022

Celtis reticulata leaf1

Celtis reticulata leaves
late August 2022

Celtis reticulata leaf2

Celtis reticulata leaf
late August 2022