Catalpa x erubescens 'Purpurea' at Bute Park

Catalpa x erubescens 'Purpurea' 0

Catalpa x erubescens 'Purpurea'
early April 2024

Grid reference ST 17657 76814
Common name Purple hybrid bean tree
Common name Hybrid catalpa 'Purpurea'
Alternative name Catalpa bignonioides 'Purpurea'
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status GB Champion 2023
Tag 2091
Missing old tag 194
Planted 1990-91 by Malcolm Frazer
Height 18.5M November 2023
Girth 167cm March 2023
Reference 896

General tree description

Catalpa x erubescens 'Purpurea' is a cultivar of Catalpa x erubescens, itself a hybrid of the Indian bean tree (C. bignonioides) and Yellow catalpa (C. ovata). 'Purpurea' is is a medium-sized tree distinguished by its very dark purple young leaves. These gradually become dark green as they mature but they remain darker than the type, and they retain purple stalks and purplish veins. The flowers are 3cm across, and white with orange and purple markings.