Araucaria angustifolia at Bute Park

Araucaria angustifolia 0

Araucaria angustifolia
mid March 2022

Grid reference ST 17200 77915
Common name Parana pine
Common name Brazilian monkey puzzle
Origin Brazil & Argentina
Deciduous No
Not tagged  
Height 3M March 2022
Girth 13cm March 2022
Reference 814

This tree is at the north end of the Blackweir woodland, on the right hand side of the path heading north beyond the playing fields and on towards Blackweir.

The leaves are very prickly and unpleasant to touch. Typical mature leaves measured about 5.5cm in length and 7mm across.

Araucaria angustifolia bark1

Araucaria angustifolia lower trunk
mid March 2022

Araucaria angustifolia bark2

Araucaria angustifolia higher trunk
mid March 2022

Araucaria angustifolia leaf1

Araucaria angustifolia leaves
mid March 2022

Araucaria angustifolia leaf2

Araucaria angustifolia leaves
early March 2022

General tree description for Araucaria angustifolia

Araucaria angustifolia is of the same family as the Monkey puzzle (Araucaria araucana) and shares the characteristic straight trunk, long branches in whorls and leathery, spine-tipped leaves arranged spirally on the branch. A. angustifolia is a similarly medium to large tree, up to 30 metres in height, but its foliage is less dense and the leaves are softer and narrower than the Monkey puzzle.

General tree description for Araucaria araucana

Araucaria araucana is a medium to large tree, with a pyramid shape, growing up to 30 metres. It has long, spidery branches and rigid dark green leaves, triangular, 3 to 4cm long, and with sharp edges and tips. This tree is normally dioecious, meaning it has male and female flowers (cones) on separate trees. Male (pollen) cones are cylindrical, up to 15cm long, while female (seed) cones are globular, 11 to 18cm long. They mature over three years and disintegrate releasing nut-like seeds 3 to 4cm long.