Alnus maximowiczii at Bute Park

Alnus maximowiczii 0

Alnus maximowiczii
late March 2017

Grid reference ST 17611 77101
Common name Maximowiczi's alder
Common name Montane alder
Common name Green alder
Alternative name Alnus viridis ssp. maximowiczii
Origin Japan, Kamchatka, Korea
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status GB Champion 2023
Tag 2477
Missing old tag 694
Planted 1995/6
Height 13M April 2017
Girth 165cm @ 0.3M April 2022
Girth 165cm @ 0.3M February 2023
Reference 500

This tree is on the north side of the Alder group,

Alnus maximowiczii bark

Alnus maximowiczii bark
March 2017

Alnus maximowiczii leaf2

Alnus maximowiczii leaves
late March 2017

Alnus maximowiczii leaf

Alnus maximowiczii female flowers & leaves
late March 2017

Alnus maximowiczii catkin

Alnus maximowiczii catkins
late March 2017

Alnus maximowiczii cone

Alnus maximowiczii last year's cones
late March 2017

Alnus maximowiczii leaf3

Alnus maximowiczii leaves
mid April 2017

General tree description

Alnus maximowiczii is a small tree, often with a shrubby form and multiple stems. It can reach 9 to 12 metres tall and has grey bark. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, glossy bright green and finely toothed. Flowering is in late spring. The male flowers are stout, yellowish catkins about 5cm long, while the female flowers are short and red/maroon. These develop into egg-shaped cones about 2cm long which remain on the tree long after the seeds have been shed.