Acer x dieckii at Bute Park

Acer x dieckii 0

Acer x dieckii
late November 2015

Acer x dieckii 1

Acer x dieckii
mid May 2016

Acer x dieckii 2

Acer x dieckii
late October 2016

Grid reference ST 17562 77303
Common name Dieck's maple
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
TROBI Remarkable Tree 2023
Tag 3037
Height 15M December 2015
Girth 192cm November 2015
Girth 200cm February 2023
Reference 357

This tree is on the Maple Lawn, near the path by the Walled Garden.

Acer x dieckii bark

Acer x dieckii bark
early June 2016

Acer x dieckii leaf

Acer x dieckii leaves
mid May 2016

Acer x dieckii seed

Acer x dieckii leaves & seed
late May 2016

General tree description

Acer x dieckii is medium to large tree, growing rapidly up to 25 metres in height. It is a hybrid of uncertain parentage but may be a form of Acer platanoides (Norway maple), with which it has much in common. It has large leaves, 12 to 25cm in width, with three to seven triangular lobes. The leaves turn dark red-brown or old gold colour in autumn.