Acer pseudoplatanus at Bute Park

Acer pseudoplatanus 0

Acer pseudoplatanus
early May 2023

Acer pseudoplatanus 1

Acer pseudoplatanus
late May 2023

Grid reference ST 17765 76617
Common name Sycamore
Common name Great maple
Origin Central Europe & south western Asia
Deciduous Yes
Missing tag 3249
Orange tag 04531
Height 20M January 2023
Girth 304cm Ocober 2022
Reference 852

This tree about 25M south west of the path junction to Blackfriars. It is one of several Sycamores in the Southern Woodland West.

The approximate age of this tree is calculated by estimating its lifetime growing conditions and measuring its girth.[1]

The age calculation has been made on the basis that this is a "good" site for Sycamore trees. The tree is quite close to the river and receives plenty of light. Based on this it was planted in approximately 1950.

Acer pseudoplatanus bark2

Acer pseudoplatanus bark
early November 2022

General tree description

Acer pseudoplatanus is a very large tree, up to 40 metres tall in favourable conditions. It has a huge crown and can be broader than tall, with massive low branches. Its bark is pinkish grey and smooth at first, but in maturity becomes cracked with coarse scales. The leaves are dull dark green, five-lobed with many coarse round-tipped teeth. They are about 20cm long and wide, but vary in size and depth of lobing according to age and vigour. In spring there are yellow-green flowers, followed by paired seeds (keys) in bunches, green tinged red.

Sources of Information

  1. Estimating the Age of Large and Veteran Trees in Britain