Acer platanoides #1 at Bute Park

Acer platanoides 0

Acer platanoides
early May 2023

Grid reference ST 177773 76590
Common name Norway maple
Origin East and central Europe and west Asia
Deciduous Yes
Missing tag 3241
Height 24M Apr 2023
Girth 394cm November 2022
Reference 858

This tree is towards the south end of the Riverside Border, in the Southern Woodland West. It is most noticeable as it is planted fairly close to the river on a small mound and has a mass of visible roots.

Acer platanoides bark1

Acer platanoides bark
early May 2023

Acer platanoides leaf1

Acer platanoides leaves
early October 2023

General tree description

Acer platanoides is a large tree with a broad, rounded crown, and can exceed 25 metres in height. Its bark is pale grey with small ridges and its leaves are Plane-like but smaller, palmate, 15cm long and wide, with five lobes. It has golden yellow flowers in spring, before the leaves appear. In autumn the leaves turn yellow, occasionally orange-red. The fruit is a double samara with two winged seeds.