Acer henyri at Bute Park

Acer henyri 0

Acer henyri
early May 2016

Acer henyri 1

Acer henyri
late August 2016

Grid reference ST 17572 77358
Common name Henry's maple
Origin Central China
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Status Wales Champion 2023
Tag 2859
Height 12M February 2016
Girth 88cm November 2015
Girth 100cm February 2023
Reference 356

This tree is on the Maple Lawn beside the tarmac east path.

Acer henyri bark

Acer henyri bark
August 2016

Acer henyri flower

Acer henyri flowers
early May 2016

Acer henyri leaf

Acer henyri leaves
late August 2016

General tree description

Acer henryi is a small to medium sized tree, around 10 metres tall, with a bushy shape. It has compound leaves of three leaflets, up to 12cm wide and 5cm across. These sometimes have shallow teeth but no lobes. The leaves are glossy and turn a brilliant red in autumn. Yellow drooping flowers appear in spring with the young leaves.