Acer acuminatum at Bute Park

Acer acuminatum 0

Acer acuminatum
January 2016

Acer acuminatum 1

Acer acuminatum
mid May 2016

Grid reference ST 17536 77232
Common name  
Origin West Himalaya
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status GB Champion 2023
Tag 3060
Height 11M November 2015
Girth 139cm at 1M November 2015
Girth 145cm at 1.5M February 2023
Reference 359

This tree is on the Maple Lawn at the south west edge. It is a female tree.

Acer acuminatum bark

Acer acuminatum bark
August 2016

Acer acuminatum leaf

Acer acuminatum leaves
mid May 2016

Acer acuminatum seed

Acer acuminatum leaves & seed
mid May 2016

General tree description

Acer acuminatum is a small tree with dark grey bark, typically growing to about 10 metres. Its leaves are 10cm across and on scarlet petioles. They are usually three-lobed, sharply toothed, and with long, pointed tips. Small (5mm across), greenish flowers appear in April/May. The fruit is a samara 2 to 3cm long, often reddish when young.