1938 Inventory of Parks Buildings & Equipment

This is a transcription of a hand written book which was prepared as an insurance inventory for Cardiff's publicly owned parks and open spaces in April 1938. The inventory lists the buildings in each park and open space, and where applicable the tools, equipment and furniture within them, together with the inventory value. The original book is currently in the care of the Cardiff Council's Parks Service.

The pages were not always used consecutively. The 1938 inventory occupies most of the book starting on page 1 and ending on page 123. It has been transcribed fully, where possible exactly as it was written on the page, together with any inconsistencies, errors in spelling and use of capital letters and punctuation. Some abbreviations have been expanded (e.g. House for Ho.) and where in the original book a ditto symbol appears, the repeated text has been inserted in the transcribed version. Where appropriate, the transcribers have added comments in square brackets within the text. It would appear that later information was added to some of these pages but this has not been transcribed because its purpose, date and integrity are not clear.

The financial information comprises three values: Initial Equipment; Insurable item; Plant & Material Inventory, and in nearly all cases they are the same. Only the Initial Equipment value has been transcribed.

The 1938 inventory concludes with a summary of financial detail covering pages 127 to 132. On the right hand side of these pages is some financial summary information for 1940 and 1941 which has not been transcribed. Pages 133 to 138 present similar information for 1943 and 1944 and also have not been transcribed.

In this transcription, only those buildings which had contents in the Inventory have a link to the list of tools, equipment and furniture.