Timeline for Cathays Park Buildings

This page shows a timeline for the buildings in Cathays Park together with Aberdare Hall which is strictly outside the boundary of the park. More information can be obtained from the individual entries in the menu on the left.

Date Building
1895 October 8th Aberdare Hall officially opened
1898 December Cathays Park purchased by Cardiff Corporation
1901 October 23rd City Hall foundation stone laid
1901 October 23rd Law Courts foundation stone laid
1903 November 13th Registry foundation stone laid
1904 Law Courts completed
1904 City Hall completed
1905 June 28th University College foundation stone laid
1906 October Law Courts officially opened
1906 October City Hall officially opened
1909 October 14th University College building officially opened
1912 June 26th Museum foundation stone laid
1912 June 26th University Viriamu Jones Research Laboratories opened
1912 Glamorgan County Hall officially opened
1914 April 6th Technical College foundation stone laid
1916 March 16th Technical College opened
1919 November Technical College first extension opened
1921 Registry extended
1927 April 21st Museum officially opened
1927 December 14th Technical College second extension opened
1930 May 21st University north wing (Tatem Laboratories) opened
1931 May 19th Glamorgan County Hall extension foundation stone laid
1931 Museum extension opened
1931 Registry extended
1932 September 22nd Glamorgan County Hall extension officially opened
1932 Museum extension opened
1936 February 11th Technical College third extension opened
1937 April 8th Temple of Peace and Health foundation stone laid
1938 March 1st Welsh Board of Health officially opened
1938 November 23rd Temple of Peace and Health officially opened
1952 March 24th Glamorgan County Hall extension officially opened
1952 University north wing (Tatem Laboratories) expanded
1958 University Redwood Building foundation stone laid
1961 June 2nd University Redwood Building opened
1962 June 6th University north wing completed with the Shandon extension
1962 University Arts Building (now Law Department) completed
1962 June 6th University south wing opened
1966 July 29th Police station foundation stone laid
1968 April 18th University Tower building opened
1968 August 22nd Police station opened
1979 Welsh Office building completed