Animals in Victoria Park Zoo

The following events were reported concerning the animals and birds in the Zoo. For the period 1908 to 1912 the Superintendent's Reports were the main source of this information. For other dates the events are given as recorded in Parks Committee minutes.

Date of Report Reason Animals
September 1902 Presentation Small tame African monkey
October 1902 Presentation Ostrich
November 1903 Presentation Young gazelle from the Euphrates River
January 1904 Death Gazelle recently presented
March 1904 Presentation Racoon
June 1904 Presentation Gazelle
July 1904 Presentation Copincha [Argentinian mammal]
February 1905 Presentation Monkey called "Jack", four years old from Singapore
July 1905 Presentations Two crocodiles and a tortoise, a gazelle and a mountain sheep from Baluchistan.
September 1905 Presentations Mongoose, two South American owls and an Australian owl
July 1906 Presentations Armadillo and corpu from South America, and a "beautiful green parrot"
July 1906 Death Armadillo
September 1906 Presentation White Australian cockatoo
January 1907 Presentation German stork
January 1907 Death Harness antelope
March 1907 Presentations Three owls, different species, the rarest unfortunately died; two beaver rats
May 1907 Presentations Two rat-tailed monkeys, a ring-tailed coati
October 1907 Presentations Two gazelles, a beaver rat, two lizards, "a young Amazon alligator"
December 1907 Deaths Two lizards and injured gazelle
March 1908 Presentation Cockatoo
April 1908 Death Young gazelle
June 1908 Presentation Hawk and two ravens
September 1908 Death Mountain sheep
January 1909 Presentations Fox and small East Indian monkey
June 1909 Presentations Large macaw and West African monkey
July 1909 Presentation Two pea hens
October 1909 Presentations Young Russian eagle and three valuable geese
February 1910 Presentation Four wild mature geese
March 1910 Presentation Sulphur crested cockatoo
June 1910 Presentation Raven and magpie
July 1910 Presentations Two foxes and one jackal cub
September 1910 Presentation South American hawk
October 1910 Presentations Mongoose and umbrella crested cockatoo
April 1911 Presentations A pair of badger and cygnet
July 1911 Presentation Badger
September 1911 Presentation Fresh water turtle
October 1911 Presentations Pair of Indian ring neck parakeets, pair of quaker parakeets and two Japanese guinea pigs
November 1911 Presentation Black guinea pig
December 1911 Presentations Two foreign birds and 20 small foreign birds
January 1912 Presentations Guinea pig and three doves
March 1912 Presentation Parrot
April 1912 Presentations South American opossum, hybrid pheasant, monkey and parrot
June 1912 Presentation Lizard
July 1912 Presentation Rabbits
February 1913 Presentation Parrot
March 1913 Presentation Two emus
July 1913 Presentations Two nanny goats, five pheasants, some pea-fowl
January 1914 Presentation Eagle owl
March 1914 Presentation Guinea pig
June 1914 Presentations Soldier monkey and macaw
July 1914 Presentations Two crown storks from northern Nigeria and a monkey
September 1914 Presentations British buzzard and Native heron
January 1915 Presentation Male seal
May 1915 Presentation Cockatoo
July 1915 Presentation Monkey
August 1915 Presentation Brazilian jacana
November 1915 Deaths Golden pheasant & Austrian partridge, caused by escape of fox from its den
December 1915 Presentation Red ljimere dancing monkey
January 1916 Presentation Six pigeons
February 1916 Presentations Cockatoo and spider monkey, which unfortunately died
June 1916 Presentation Monkey
September 1916 Presentations Cockatoo, monkey and two tortoises
October 1916 Presentations Monkey and parrot
November 1916 Presentations Monkey and marmoset
January 1917 Presentations Female seal, peacock and golden pheasants
February 1917 Presentation Monkey
February 1917 Death Seal recently presented
April 1917 Presentation Female seal
May 1917 Death Seal recently presented
September 1917 Presentation Parrot
February 1918 Presentations Parrot and fox, but the fox since drowned through the recent flooding of Victoria Park
June 1918 Presentation Racoon
November 1919 Presentation Hawk
April 1920 Presentation Owl
June 1920 Presentation Monkey
February 1921 Presentation Buzzard
May 1921 Presentation Monkey
June 1921 Presentations Squirrel and parrot
September 1921 Presentation Polar bear cub
November 1922 Presentation White guinea pig
February 1923 Presentation Arabian monkey
July 1923 Presentation Indian green parrot
November 1923 Presentation Brown owl
January 1924 Presentation Owl
February 1924 Presentation Two hares
April 1924 Presentation Large cockatoo
July 1924 Presentation Cockatoo
October 1924 Presentations Pair of swans and an owl
June 1925 Presentations Gazelle and two parrots, one of which was grey
July 1925 Presentations Scarlet macaw and small green parakeet
September 1925 Presentations Two South American storks, a wallaby and a grey and white parrot
April 1926 Presentation Monkey
July 1926 Presentation Small Amazon parrot
October 1926 Presentation Three silver Japanese bantams
November 1926 Presentation Magpie
December 1926 Presentations White Arctic owl and a seal, which had since died
January 1927 Presentations Arctic owl and two muscovy ducks, one of which had since died
May 1927 Presentation Fan-tailed pigeons
July 1927 Presentations Tortoise and two badgers
September 1927 Presentation Two silver pheasants and twelve pigeons
October 1927 Presentation Tame fox
November 1927 Presentation Embden gander and goose and a white call duck and drake
December 1927 Presentation Rabbit
January 1928 Presentation Pair of black rabbits
April 1928 Presentation Parrot
May 1928 Presentations Pair of parrots and a cock Chinese pheasant
June 1928 Presentations Badger, three fox cubs, parakeet and four rabbits
September 1928 Presentations Pair of silver pheasants, two Italian pigeons, three Dutch blue rabbits and a Greenland falcon
October 1928 Presentations Pair of silver pheasants, two pairs of Italian pigeons and seven cygnets
November 1928 Presentations Parrot, goat and owl
November 1928 Death Seal recently presented [no seperate record of recent presentation]
January 1929 Presentation Coati
March 1929 Presentation Two birds - chimangos
April 1929 Presentation Parakeet
June 1929 Presentation Sulphur crested cockatoo
July 1929 Presentation Badger
September 1929 Presentation Rabbit
January 1930 Presentation Owl
February 1930 Presentations Buzzard and Peacock
June 1930 Thanked Messrs. Neale & West for supplying fish for the seal
March 1931 Presentation Cygnets
July 1931 Presentation Sheathbill (Chionis Alba)
November 1931 Presentations Tortoise, buzzard hawk and three turtles
October 1933 Presentation Porcupine
November 1933 Presentation Eight pigeons, 4 bantams, 1 golden pheasant and 2 guinea pigs
September 1934 Presentations Badger, two mongooses, small gazelle and a monkey
October 1935 Presentations Ringtail coati, parrot and a monkey
December 1935 Presentation Chinese monkey
April 1937 Presentations Drake, 6 ducks and 15 budgerigars
February 1940 Theft A dozen budgerigars stolen
January 1941 Presentation Twenty budgerigars
March 1941 Presentation Twenty one budgerigars