Acer pictum at Bute Park

Acer pictum 0

Acer pictum
late November 2015

Acer pictum 1

Acer pictum
early May 2016

Acer pictum 2

Acer pictum
early July 2016

Acer pictum 3

Acer pictum
late October 2016

Grid reference ST 17542 77228
Common name Mono maple
Common name Painted maple
Alternative name Acer mono
Origin Japan, China, Korea
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2013
Tag 3061
Height 15M November 2015
Girth 215cm November 2015
Reference 358

This tree is on the Maple Lawn at the south west corner. It is labelled "Acer mono".

Acer pictum bark

Acer pictum bark
November 2015

Acer pictum flower

Acer pictum flowers
mid April 2016

Acer pictum flower2

Acer pictum flowers & new leaves
early May 2016

Acer pictum leaf

Acer pictum leaves
mid May 2016

Acer pictum seeds

Acer pictum seeds & leaves
mid May 2016

General tree description

Acer pictum is a medium sized tree, up to 18 metres tall, with a rounded spreading crown. Its bark is grey and smooth, developing shallow vertical fissures with age. The leaves are palmate, five to seven lobed, and up to 12 cm across. They emerge in spring with bronze tints, become bright green by summer and turn bright yellow in autumn. Greenish-yellow flowers appear in April-May in upright clusters. The fruit is a samara about 4cm long.