Castle Gardens, North Road, Cardiff

Castle Gardens, North Road, Cardiff

Photograph by kind permission of Tim Pettigrew

This photograph is believed to show Castle Gardens, North Road, Cardiff, the home of Andrew Pettigrew.

It is dated about 1900, and shows the Pettigrew family at home outside the Gardener's House at Cardiff Castle. Left to right Mary Logie Pettigrew, Agnes McLelland Pettigrew (nee Allan), Andrew Pettigrew, Ruth Pettigrew (nee McConochie).

The Cardiff Directory 1901 indicates that Castle Gardens, North Road, was south of Corbett Road and north of the canal bridge.[1] This points to the Greyfriars site, which then served as a nursery for the Castle gardens, as shown on Ordnance Survey maps for 1880 and 1901. There was a lodge on the western side of Greyfriars, adjacent to North Road, probably at the extreme south of, or just beyond, the modern day Friary Gardens. (By the 1920s the Castle Gardens and the lodge had been removed.)

Sources of Information

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